Anniversaries are not about the past, but about the future
Twenty years ago, the rebuilding – not to say rebirth – of civil society and social capital in our post-communist societies began with a glut of ideas, concepts, assumptions and money. Today, civil society in Central and Eastern Europe has gathered both good and bad experiences, and has the maturity to offer ideas of its own that shape the way we think and act in our societies. And not only in the present, but also for the future. The world is changing, and civil society activists such as ourselves need to take a hard look at reality in order to come up with successful ideas and tools – some tried and tested, some brand new.

This was the start of the discussions that lead to the Civil Society Forum - and it developed into an event in Bratislava engaging 250 people, with the parallell Social Innovation Camp CEE bringing another 70 from the CEE region and beyond. The Civil Society Forum contest reached out to young activists offering scholarships as well as participation at the forum in Bratislava as prizes, and online livestreaming brought in remote participants who could watch discussions, comment and pose questions online.

Focus group discussions, articles written by various engaged activists, academics and NGO practitioners in the region, and many consulations with our partners and friends lead to the development of the program - and on this website you can find some of the written as well as visual materials produced, pieces of the live reporting from the Forum in Bratislava, some of the background research as well as the best submissions for the civil society contest.

We hope you enjoy it - and if you have comments, questions or wish to receive some of the more detailed reporting - please write to us at: trust@ceetrust.org


Civil Society Forum compiled material 
Civil Soceity Forum program booklet including reflections from our papers and photos from our contest winners 
[pdf]ProgramAndReflections (17634 kb)


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