In April 2009 the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe announced a competition for young activists, students and journalists. We asked participants from Central and Easter Europe to submit their views of civic engagement and activism in essay, photo story and video format. The challenge was to show how civic activism can trigger positive change.

In times when producing texts and images has become so seductively easy, finding sincere, smart and heartfelt examples on a theme so specific and important – how to be an active citizen – is really difficult. Yet, our foundation saw this trend as an opportunity to gather voices and images that rarely reach the institutional platforms.

Thanks to your creativity the Civil Society Forum competition was a great experience that broaden our perspectives. We’d like to thank the CSF contest participants, our friends, jury members, media partners and all the people we met thanks to this initiative. Your engagement means a lot for us!


 Click on the image for the full-size poster, or download the PDF version from here: [pdf]Contest Poster (636 kb). The picture was made by our friend, RafaƂ Sobieszek, whose photo gallery you can check here: http://plfoto.com/86657/autor.html


CSF competition archive:

[pdf]CSF contest rules (58 kb)

[pdf]CSF contest introduction (32 kb)

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