Some facts and figures related to Civil Society development in the CEE Countries and the wider Europe were extracted during the planning process of the Forum.
THANKS to Jan Herbst for gathering data and compiling the presentations.

In the original motion chart you can look at various variables and data:

  • by moving the cursor over the circles you can see which countries they indicate
  • by pressing the play button you can see chronological changes
  • in the left hand column - at the little arrow by the title you can change the issue being presented 
  • in the right hand column region/territory and other variables can be selected 

In the "file" menue there is also and option to download the information in e.g. excel or pdf format. If you have any questions or wish for more information about these data gathered, please write to us on:

Below are a handful of moving charts and slides (click the TV icon at the bottom menu of each Youtube screen for full screen view). 

Political involvement and trust


Moving chart  - European Parliament voting turnout (IDEA)  

Moving chart - National voting turnout

- Interest in EU elections 2009 (Eurobarometer)
InterestEP (283 kb)


- Perceptions of honesty, confidence in institutions, corruption (Gallup) Perceptions (1481 kb)


Moving chart - Political involvement (World Value Survey)

Moving chart - Politcal Shifts (European Social Survey)


Civil Society organizations - membership


Moving chart - Membership of Trade Unions (OECD, ILO and others)

Moving chart - Membership of Trade Unions / Membership of NGOs (OECD, ILO and others / World Value Survey)

Moving chart - Number of non profit organizations/NGO sustainability index (USAID)

Slides - Membership in organizations (World Values Survey) membership (561 kb)


Civic Engagement


slides - Civic engagement (Gallup) civicengagement (1475 kb)

Moving chart - Trust in others (World Values Survey and others)




Moving chart - E-governance (UN)

 Slides - E-governance (UN) e-governance (822 kb)





Moving chart - World Governance Index (World Bank)



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