Summaries of the discussions

Find below some first notes and summaries of the discussions taking place at the forum:

Light pdf files with edited transcripts:

[pdf]Session 1 (1713 kb)     [pdf]Session 2 (754 kb)     [pdf]Session 3 (506 kb)

     [pdf]RT 2 (745 kb)     [pdf]RT 3 (602 kb)    

[pdf]RT 4 (511 kb)     [pdf]RT 5 (642 kb)     [pdf]RT 6 (700 kb)    

[pdf]Context session (349 kb)

Who speaks for citizens in Central and Eastern Europe in 2009 ? [doc]SummarySession1 (27 kb)

Harnessed and Unharnessed Energies [doc]SummarySession2 (8598 kb)  [doc]Summary2Session2 (29 kb) 

What's on the post-accession agenda in CEE? PostaccessionAgenda (171 kb)

If you are interested in taking a peek on what was discussed in the various breakout discussions - below are the first notes, stay tuned for the full report of collected reflections and analysis to be published shortly:

Discussing the future

Drivers (107 kb)

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