Trends affecting civil society

On these pages we have gathered written material by some regional activists - discussion papers about trends that may affect civic engagement in the future, critical essays about the state of civil society in the seven countries where the CEE Trust works, as well as some additional reflections who may be valuable for the discussion about CEE societies. 

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Thumbnail  A hitchhiker’s guide to philanthropy
Author: Chris Worman
Philanthropy is built on mutual benefit and community, charity is a vertical transfer from those who have to those who don’t, claims Chris Worman, arguing that CSOs own attitude is the main hindrance for successful sustainability through local fundraising.

Thumbnail  A New Dissident Civil Society: Hot Art as Activism against Poland’s “Moral Majority”
Author: Tomasz Kitlinski
Arts and culture engages and touches people – and create a space for social action! Tomek Kitlinski (on the right) is searching for a much needed new dissidence against the “moral majority” of CEE, working for true inclusion, tolerance and hospitality towards others.

Thumbnail  Divided demands
Author: Milla Mineva
Representation is “out” – younger generations are all about limited issues, small groups creating small change before dissolving and moving to the next. But how can it produce real effect – and what can established civil society learn asks Milla Mineva.

Thumbnail  E-participation - a new sphere of NGO activity?
Author: Simon and Matej Delakorda
E-democracy is hard form a political and social point of view rather than a technical one: visibility and impact is posed against risk of government high jacking and legitimacy problems, discusses Simon and Matej Delakorda.

Thumbnail  The policy of small steps – experiencing local development
Author: Monika Balint
Monika Balint shares her experiences of the difficulties of change – both while transforming her organization from a political youth network to a local formal NGO, and the long term investment necessary to change the atmosphere in a local urban community.

Thumbnail  “The Sleeping Giant” - The Church’s relationship with civil society
Author: Maria Rogaczewska
A The church plays an active role delivering standards and messages in more religious CEE countries, but solidarity, openness and potential for cooperation with civil society is true only for a limited number of church organizations sais Maria Rogaczewska

Thumbnail  Sideline Report
Author: Rayna Gavrilova
For Rayna Gavrilova, the Sofia demonstrations of early 09 raised questions about distribution of labor between formal civil society organization and informal groups (Photo: Yulia Lazarova/

Thumbnail  Social Networks Work
Author: Milena Leneva
One of the organizers describes the online activity that went on behind the Sofia demonstrations - for Milena Leneva the social network activism proved that not everyone is apathetic these days.

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