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On these pages we have gathered written material by some regional activists - discussion papers about trends that may affect civic engagement in the future, critical essays about the state of civil society in the seven countries where the CEE Trust works, as well as some additional reflections who may be valuable for the discussion about CEE societies. 

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Thumbnail  Notes on the State of Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe
Author: Darina Malova
Darina Malova lists some inherent problems of the Civil Society today - generational, geographic and cultural gaps that are crucial to discuss further in order to revitalize an existing gloomy outlook on civic engagement in the CEE region.

Thumbnail  Civil Society 2.0?
Author: Ioana Avadani
Ioana Avadani provides us with a list of issues, highlighting categorization of civil society in two groups, lack of internal and external support, common misconceptions among the public and internal organizational problems affecting the future.

Thumbnail  Reflections on civil society in 2009
Author: Istvan Rev
Istvan Rev suggests that we have to reexamine some of our assumptions about engagement and to ensure more open societies in the future, make the effort to bridge growing gaps by opening our eyes for the ways of the young.

Thumbnail  Bauman – End of the Orgy
Author: interview by Tomasz Kwasniewski
The repayment of debt is the pressing issue of the day, momentarily, but after all the concern is how to live tomorrow. One way of life is ending and it’s not obvious what the new one is. Interview with Professor Zygmunt Bauman, sociologist and philosopher.

Thumbnail  Civil society - always a good thing?
Author: Rafal Pankowski
Rafal Pankowski calls for bravery in stepping away from a formalistic approach to civil society and a new focus on civic activism and initiatives that genuinely promote good values (Part of a speech made to CEE Trust grantees and board members in Warsaw, April 2009)

Thumbnail  Civil society in Poland. Some remarks of a historian of ideas
Author: Andrzej Waśkiewicz
There was completely different story of civil society during the era of the resistance movement. Andrzej Waskiewicz means that it takes time for bourgeois to turn into citizens and in the meantime civil society is relying on a few enthusiasts.

Thumbnail  Give a book for Christmas
Author: Georgi Gospodinov
What will you give for Christmas wonders Georgi Gospinov and reflects around his favorite choice of gifts.

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