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Author: Maciej Czarnecki
A group of students moves into Bydgoskie Przedmieście, once a Mecca for Polish artists, now degraded and dangerous district of Toruń. Inspired by stories of their old neighbour, they establish a Society for Bydgoskie Przedmieście. Soon they are flooded by letters from citizens and get involved in social campaigns saving the only public library in the area and organizing workshops for children from the orphanage. The district starts to change, attracting students, university teachers, artists and... developers, who bring new problems.

  Keychains and Potlucks
Author: Mikuláš Pštross
The essay “Keychains and Potlucks” contrasts two opposing moods prevalent among Czech citizens. In spite of the initial optimism of the so-called “Velvet revolution” many Czechs today are cynical and passive in relation to the public sphere; some even long for “the good old times”. On the other hand, active communities, where people trust each other while working for a common good, exemplify the notion of civil society. This essay invokes community as a place where the real democratic transition takes place.

  Observations on the differences between civic engagement in Estonia and the U.S.
Author: Andreas Sepp
At first sight American soccer groups formed on the internet don’t have much in common with social campaigns in my home country Estonia. Yet, as a former soccer activist founding community club and current amateur player, I will try to analyze the mechanisms behind civic engagement in Estonia and the U.S.- such as the sense of accomplishment, by using my own observations and experience as a journalist. As a result, I suggest that differences between Estonians’ and Americans’ mindset play a key role in defining these mechanisms. Reshaping the mindset, however, requires changes in education and the flow of information.

  She rose back from rock bottom
Author: Magdalena Olczak

  We can be a part of solution
Author: Tanya Grishkovskaya

  Youth Activism - Between the culture of revolution and the culture of reaction
Author: Roxana Georgiana Radu

  Civil society - do we mean the same?
Author: Silvena Garelova

  "Banat 22" - Living to tell the story
Author: Ana Claudia Leu

  Leave a trail!
Author: Anastasia Gavrylova

  Letter to the young world
Author: Maria Comandasu

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