Friday, September 18th 09:00

Show and Tell of the SIC CEE

The Social Innovation Camp Central and Eastern Europe (SICCEE) will be an intense two days where developers, designers, and social innovators compete in self-organized teams to build web-based tools for social impact. Each team takes an early-stage idea that tackles a social problem, and turns it into a social start-up complete with working software, a community platform, and a business model.


SICCEE is not about improving NGOs but about people power, using the web to re-organize the world from the grassroots up. It's about using the capacity of the internet to help individuals connect and collaborate to change things that are important in completely new ways. Since April 2008 there have been three Social Innovation Camps in the UK and SICCEE is an ambitious experiment that aims to amplify the energy of Social Innovation Camp to catalyze new approaches to social change in the Central and Eastern Europe region as well.


The Show and Tell session is where you will get to see – and give your own opinion - about it all! An expert jury and forum participants will vote for the winning ideas that demonstrate the greatest potential to create real change. Social Innovation Camp CEE website


Dan McQuillan's winding path to web-based social innovation started
with a Ph.D in Experimental Particle Physics and includes mental
health advocacy, multilingual websites for asylum seekers and a stint
heading Amnesty International's digital communications. He co-founded
Social Innovation Camp in 2007.



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