Thursday, September 17th 14:15

The post accession agenda

- initial conversation about the unfinished democracy business and the economic crisis.

Aiming to introduce the broader political and economic context shaping our societies, this session will offer findings of a recent comparative policy research carried out in ten post-communist countries, formulating a couple of open questions: What is the next five years’ policy agenda for the ten new member states from CEE 20 years after the start of the transition, 10 years after the start of the EU accession negotiations and five years (two and a half for Bulgaria and Romania) since the EU accession? Is the transition over and the EU accession agenda fully accomplished - or there is still “unfinished business” to be done? In addition we will share some observations and reflection on the development of the economic crisis in Central and Eastern Europe, advancing some hypotheses as to its effect on civil society infrastructure, governmental policy and philanthropy in general.

Assya Kavrakova is the Director of the European Policies and Civic participation Program at the Open Society Institute – Sofia. She has worked as Public Policies and Outreach Director at the Democracy Network Program (DemNet) of the United States Agency for International Development. She was also the Executive Director of Transparency without Borders Association, the national branch office of Transparency International. Assya Kavrakova is a Fellow of German Marshall Memorial Fellowship, USA and a Fellow of the International Fellowship Programme, Brussels.

Peter Goliaš is an economic analyst at the Bratislava based think-tank INEKO (Institute for economic and social reforms). His areas of interest include monitoring and commenting the reforms of pensions, health care, education and public finance as well as the project on fight against populism among politicians. Before 2002 he worked as an economic journalist at the local daily Pravda and the private press agency SITA. He graduated from the Faculty of Management, Comenius University in Bratislava and holds Magister (MA) degree.

Rayna Gavrilova is historian by vocation, anthropologist by passion and steward of a major philanthropic effort – the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe.



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