Thursday, September 17th 15:00

Inspiring active citizens

- mission possible?

Is civic activism shrinking or reshaping? What triggers or blocks the involvement of individual citizens in public life? How do we reach out and mobilize others? Do we rely on the involvement of the active, or do we work to engage passive citizens? What can make civic engagement more effective? What aims do people care enough about to get involved? Join this round table to address these questions and many more, share your experiences and debate with a diverse audience about the state of civic engagement in our region. Our role as organizations is shaping the way citizens engage in public life, and the variety of tools and strategies we use to achieve our mission.


Cristina Rigman acts as Development Director of Pro Vobis, The National Volunteer Center in Romania, and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the European Volunteer Center in Brussels, the umbrella organization for volunteer centers and volunteer developing agencies across Europe. Cristina is a political scientist with a sound interest in citizen participation, community development through civic activism, volunteering and social responsibility. She has been combining practical involvement in several nonprofits in Romania as a volunteer, expert, or consultant with scholarly research on issues related to civil society performed as part of her scholarships to the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.


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