Thursday, September 17th 15:00

Keeping up with the changing world

- how can we guarantee the viability of civil society?

What are NGOs – citizen based interest actors or subsidized project businesses? Who do they serve? How can we keep civic identity and values under the pressure of a contract-driven culture? How should we deal with change? Where are the new leaders? What triggers solidarity and joint action beyond projects? What makes networks and coalitions effective? How can we expand space and resources for joint strategic thinking and acting? Pavlina Kalousova will lead this conversation aiming to reach beyond the discussion of financial sustainability and looking at other issues crucial in ensuring the long term viability of civil society organizations.


Pavlína Kalousová is Executive Director of the Czech Donors Forum, an umbrella organization for foundation and business donors. Before joining the Donors Forum she worked as coordinator for the Czech Republic for the Cooperating Netherlands Foundations for Central and Eastern Europe. She works with a number of companies on their corporate social responsibility strategies. She has initiated various internationally-used programs, such as the DONATOR Club of Corporate Donors, the TOP Corporate Philanthropist Award within the CEENERGI project, and the Donors’ Message Service, the first complex SMS-giving service.  She has also worked with the Czech Government on policies and conditions for giving and the charity sector. She is a vice-chair of the Governmental Council for Non-governmental Organizations in the Czech Republic. She teaches corporate responsibility and non-profit management at the University of Economics in Prague.


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