Thursday, September 17th 15:00

Civil society, old media, and cyberspace

- too much talk, but no communication?

Is it easier to have a mission than to have a message? As platforms for communication expand, are messages getting lost? Why it is so hard for NGOs to formulate effective messages and speak the same language as their audience? Is it premature to announce the death of “old media” and how can they be of use to civil society? Are virtual societies and networks the new civic space and engine? Is unlimited, uncensored and unedited communication a curse or a blessing? Is virtual communication killing messages and blurring responsibility? Throw down all your ideas on Table # 5 and together let’s find a way to turn NGO talk into effective communication!

Petko Georgiev is a communications adviser, media expert, well known journalist and TV producer with 20 years of experience in media development in CEE. He has helped shape and execute the media relations strategies of numerous civil society organizations and public institutions in Bulgaria and in over fifteen other countries of CEE, SEE and Central Asia. As head of BTC ProMedia he oversees the production of  three award winning TV shows and has vast experience as a TV anchor, radio talk show host and newspaper columnist. He has been involved with the creation of a number of NGOs involved with free speech, freedom of information and media development. When not producing television programs, training journalists or media relations experts, he likes to ride his motorcycle, to scuba-dive and ski and despite having graduated from business administration at Prague University, has failed to get a more academic background.

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