In an informal format during the afternoon of Thursday 17th September - everyone has the opportunity to sit down for discussion with peers, create an interactive display of their work, present recent research findings, call for partner organizations from across the region or gather for a brainstorming on new ways to address hot topics!

In the open space of the venue, tables, chairs and refreshments will be available - participants themselves will design, lead and invite people to their discussion. Topics and invitations may be submitted here on our "poster wall" - If you have any questions or need support, have a request for equipment or wish to do something more formal - please contact us on and we will try to help the best we can.

To post topics and rate other's proposed discussions - you need to log in. Don't forget to register for the Forum.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no separate rooms at the venue - the format is more similar to structured networking than traditional conference sessions.

Due to space constraints, the organizers reserves the right to limit the number of topics - based on the preference ratings each topic receives on this website. The same user can only rate a topic once. Topics by non-registered participants will be automatically removed.

Propose a topic

Community Media and Social Change

How can a non profit, alternative media support social change?


An Inconvenient Truth & the role of civil society

The climate change discussion is one of the most important of our time - and an interesting example to discuss efficiency of civil society networks


Promoting watchdog activities. Are we visible?

How to improve the effectiveness of watchdogs initiatives?


Privacy and Legal Regulation

What are the rights of an ordinary internet user or what should be?


Pro Bono assistance for NGOs in CEE

PILI and partners run pro bono projects where private practitioners and law firms are providing legal assistance to NGOs - how can you get involved?


Community Philanthropy Network

Discussion on the possibility of creation of an European community philanthropy network


What can other regions learn from CEE?

Experiences of civil society development in Central and Eastern Europe: transferring knowledge to the Balkans and former Soviet Union


The state of volunteerism in SEE and CIS region

UNDP would like to present a recent study and discuss volunteerism and its impact on civic society


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